TRAC has worked in public media since the 1970's, providing objective and insightful audience analysis for public television stations. Our ongoing study of Nielsen ratings, pledge data, online statistics, and qualitative insights from viewers keeps TRAC informed about media trends and new developments. TRAC's knowledge and research help stations to increase their audiences & membership, improve community visibility and support, and provide better public service.

TRAC understands the mission, goals and relationships in public media. We collaborate with stations, producers, and distributors to design and conduct research, and turn the knowledge gained into actionable information. TRAC clients include PBS, stations, producers, and distributors who want to know more about public media audiences, public media membership and pledge, general media trends and community engagement.

Our Products

Ratings Analysis Services tailored for stations, producers and underwriters

Carriage Services track plays of PTV programs for producers

Pledge Services help with scheduling, pitching and producing

Station Programming from simple advice to full-service scheduling

Custom Research ranging from community engagement to underwriting research

TRAC Locale

Focuses on two areas of service. Quarterly Proof of Performance (QPOP) uses Nielsen’s NLTV software to identify previously unreported audiences. QPOP Reports delve deeply into viewing for a range of audiences with cume windows expanded to many months of viewing. Household characteristics/demographics include race & ethnicity, education levels, income, cable status, internet access, and more. Community Interaction Metrics, the second segment of the service, provides a beyond broadcast examination of station impact, output and outcomes, offering proof of performance measures beyond Nielsen viewing statistics.

Best Practices

As we program stations, consult with pledge producers, coordinate accurate audience measurement for stations, and provide services for producers, TRAC supports all of our clients in their goals of accurate communications about their broadcast schedules. In service to our clients specifically, and the public television system overall, TRAC Media Services offers the following outline from which the stations can provide data to ROVI in hopes of reducing errors and inaccuracies.

ROVI Best Practices


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