About TRAC Media Services

TRAC Media Services, founded in 1979, is a research company that has set the standard for objective and insightful audience analysis for American public television.

  • TRAC does Nielsen ratings research, community surveys, programmer and development training seminars, core viewer forums, and PTV audience analysis.
  • TRAC’s advice is used by all levels of station management, including PTV programmers, general managers, station program managers, pledge producers, development directors, and underwriting professionals to better position their local PBS station in the community.
  • We also work with public television program producers to help them understand program carriage, cumes, GRPs, and scheduling strategies.
  • TRAC has conducted research with PBS, PBS stations and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting on topics as diverse as ethnic PTV viewing, PTV membership and pledge, and electronic philanthropy.
  • Over the years we have talked with thousands of PTV members about their donation and their attitudes toward public television.
  • We monitor viewing trends for all major PTV series including Masterpiece Theatre, NOVA, The NewsHour, American Experience, Great Performances, Antiques Roadshow, Frontline, Secrets of the Dead, This Old House, British Comedies, Washington Week and NOW.

Our goal is to aid public television stations and managers to best serve their local market. Over the past 25 years our research, consulting, and information sharing products have given us the ability to achieve that goal.

TRAC clients consist of all the top 20 public television stations, as well as stations in all size markets. At present, there are over 100 stations and 12 statewide networks that are TRAC members. Other national and regional associations, like the American Program Service, BBC Lionheart, Children's Television Workshop, and Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) are clients of TRAC.