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Carriage Service

Our carriage services track PTV station schedules 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. That means producers can find plays of their programs( i.e., what dates and times a station is airing a program) wherever it may be in the system. This is the information underwriters need to be assured their decision to fund the program was the right one.

Carriage Service includes program carriage information for all PTV stations. Carriage information is updated every night from Rovi (formerly TV Guide).

Carriage Reports include the percent coverage of the US as well as the date and time stations are carrying the show in question. The Carriage Service subscription includes online access to graphical summary reports, list of stations that did not air a program and list of stations that either picked up or dropped a specific program. The service also includes access to station-specific daily and/or weekly schedules. For programs with episodes being reported to Rovi, you can also run episode specific reports.

Carriage Service is useful for producers, national underwriting and station relations.

All the reports can be exported to Excel.