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Custom Research

The public television landscape is changing quickly. In this complicated new environment, you need a market position that says indispensable, irreplaceable, “gotta have it.” TRAC Media has the custom research tools and experience to help you chart your way. We can answer questions that will get you there. For example:

  • New media: How do your viewers get information and entertainment? How does the internet, IPhone, YouTube, Facebook, digital, cable or satellite TV affect you?
  • Are you using technology to your advantage – and to your viewers?
  • Do your local programs reflect community needs, interests and demographics?
  • Do you know when and why your audience is tuning in or out? Why members are renewing or canceling?
  • Do viewers reach for their phones or remotes during pledge? Why?
  • If you’re overlapped, does your audience watch the competitor? How? Why?
  • What do viewers expect from you? Are you meeting realistic expectations?
  • Have underwriters, major donors, potential partners, or other community stakeholders ever asked about your station’s value to the community or the benefits of working with your organization?
  • What are the challenges facing your community? What are the assets that can be used to the community’s advantage?
  • How can you increase the perception that your station is interested and involved in promoting community wellbeing as well as personal growth?

TRAC Media’s strong research arm has helped stations plan and execute successful strategies for decades. Stations have used our quantitative and qualitative research service to analyze strengths and weaknesses, assess attitudes, answer questions, detect chinks in service models, and then design effective strategies that solidified perceived value and strengthened connections with viewers and funders.

Today’s changing landscape demands a well-charted route. What you don’t know or can’t validate can hurt you. Presumptions won’t cut it. You need to understand local perceptions, because perceptions are reality. They influence viewer and funder attitudes and actions. You can’t afford to base your station’s short and long range goals on past history, gut feelings, or assumptions. GMs don’t have the time, staff, or experience to effectively monitor constituencies’ perceptions, attitudes and behaviors by phone, internet, mail or in person. We do.

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