Our goal is to help the public television system best serve their audiences. Over the past 30 years our research, consulting, and information sharing products have given us the ability to achieve that goal.

Our products include the following:

  • Ratings Analysis Services – We tailor ratings packages for stations, producers and underwriters.
  • Carriage Services - Producers use our carriage service to track plays of their programs and “Listings Online” shows producer website visitors when their program airs.
  • Pledge Services - “Pledge Advantage” allows stations to gauge their own schedule and results compared to other markets. The “Pledge Automator” is a multi-user computer solution that makes pledge more profitable.
  • Station Programming Services - A range of services allow everything from simple advice to full-service scheduling.
  • Underwriting Tools allows staff to create presentation quality underwriting materials customized for your station
  • Custom Research – TRAC regularly produces custom research ranging from community engagement to underwriting research. Our latest project examined viewer acceptance of digital TV and how PTV can thrive in a digital environment.

For additional information not provided on this web site, please contact Keith York or call 520-545-0909 or 520-299-1866 ext 19.