Average Dollars per Day Gains by New Test Stations

New Client
  % Change
KNME (2)   +36%
KUHT (1) +26%
WTVS (4) +14%
KOPB (4) +12%
KCPT (2) +7%
WVIA (4) +7%
WLIW (4) +5%
WQED (4) +4%

Pledge Advantage

TRAC Media now improves pledge by assisting clients through the entire pledge process from start to finish. This service combines extensive research and data sharing to help stations realize their maximum pledge potential. Divided into three segments, it helps you effectively schedule, analyze, make corrections when needed and prepare for your next drive. You no longer have to have to operate in a vacuum!

  • Use Pledge Max scheduling software to build a better schedule.
  • Using your station’s results from the last drive, we'll crunch the data to better inform your next pledge schedule. At the same time, we'll provide data-driven predictions for the new shows.
  • Two weeks in advance of the drive, we'll schedule a Pre-Drive Call to talk through draft schedules with your colleagues, identify market differences, highlight opportunities, share insights, and make last minute adjustments.
During The Drive
  • Dailies - Every afternoon, clients will receive a user-friendly report with Top 20 programs from the day before, drive-to-date data, station comparison graphs, and more.
  • Pledge Notes - At least twice a drive, we'll send clients a summary of key highlights.
  • Schedule Adjustment Report - also twice a drive, we'll send specific recommendations for your station to guide schedule changes and member favorites choices.
  • Access to our reports on our website, including Program Performance Reports and Demographic Reports. Program Histories report also tells you whether a program still has legs.
Post Drive
  • After the drive, you'll receive easy-to-read reports covering ratings, genres, audience turnover, trouble spots, and more to prepare for the next drive.