Pledge Automator

The Pledge Automator is a valuable multi-user computer system that streamlines pledge operations and creates extensive reporting data that can improve on-air techniques.

TRAC's Pledge Automator is essentially two powerful tools in one. First, the Pledge Automator allows for fast and accurate recording of membership pledges as they are phoned in, eliminating unnecessary delays in pledge entry. Phone operators follow easy-to-read scripts that guide them through the data collection process. Pledge can be edited prior to final recording. And gift acknowledgment letters can be automatically generated at the same instant the pledge is recorded.

TRAC's Pledge Automator is also a powerful data processing tool. Using historical membership data, coupled with information from incoming pledge activity, an in-depth demographic record can be compiled.

This information can be used in a variety of ways:

  • Measuring the response of existing and new members
  • Create factual reports, based on hard data, to provide a comprehensive overview of your membership for use in analysis of your pledge strategies.

  • Reduces data entry errors and added data entry expense
  • Highlights duplicated pledge entries within the same drive
  • Immediately prints an individualized thank you letter for the member pledge kit
  • Compiles break recap, daily recap and day summary reports
  • Fast access to current as well as recently lapsed members
  • Allows you to tailor pitches and talent to donor demographics
  • Allows for tracking credit card usage
  • Evaluates new techniques, scheduling, scripting and talent selection.

  • Sophisticated interface for easy data transfer to/from major software packages
  • Built-in PBS/Pledge accountability reporting system
  • Extensive data collection and retrieval functions
  • Automatic assignment of pledges to breaks
  • CATI design to keep volunteers on script
  • Telephone number search locator for names and addresses