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PledgeTRAC helps public television stations maximize performance in on-air fundraising by improving pledge programming practices, and by utilizing technology to increase station efficiency. The Pledge Automator is at the core of PledgeTRAC. This system works to highlight what is and what is not working during the drive and that allows for ultimate flexibility and course correction.

Pledge Automator

TRAC's Pledge Automator enables fast and accurate recording of membership pledges as they are phoned in, eliminating unnecessary delays in pledge entry. Volunteers or station staff follow easy-to-read scripts that minimize data entry mistakes, maximize credit card usage and verify premiums. Pledges can be edited prior to final recording, and acknowledgment letters are generated the moment the pledge is recorded. Stations using the Pledge Automator have been able to reduce pledge-related expenses through greater efficiency.

The Pledge Automator also records demographic data that is critical to the health of a station's membership database. Information can be obtained on donor demographics, new and renewing members, premium interests and much more. Fundraising and senior station staff can view this information after each break, at the end of each evening, and following each campaign.

PledgeTRAC Consortium

While they are critical to success, tools only go so far, and that's where TRAC's analysis and expertise becomes important. Through the PledgeTRAC consortium - a talented group of innovative public television professionals - consortium members learn about pledge "best practices" as soon as they occur. TRAC sponsors Pledge Practicum workshops prior to each major pledge drive. At these workshops and at TRAC's Annual Meeting which consortium members also attend, TRAC researchers present their latest research on viewer and donor behavior and help attendees plan their next drive. The PledgeTRAC consortium, originally funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting's Television Future Fund, is constantly pushing itself to be on the leading edge of on-air fundraising in order to ensure the consortium member stations' financial strength both today and for the future.