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Rating Service

TRAC Media Services has provided ratings analysis and research for public television stations, producers and service organizations (including the Public Broadcasting Service and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting) since 1979. Producers and distributors rely on TRAC Ratings Service data to determine the success and reach of their productions. Programmers use the data to make both tactical and strategic decisions that enable them to meet the needs of their local audience.

TRAC Sweep Reports TRAC Overnights

TRAC publishes individual Nielsen (NSI) market research and trend reports for both metered- and diary-market client stations, analyzing each sweep period. While the TRAC Sweeps Report data is extensive, it is presented in an easy-to-understand format enabling programmers and other station staff to analyze how their programming decisions affect viewership.

TRAC provides full-service clients with sweeps data from four, six, or seven sweep periods per year, depending on their television market. This data comes in a notebook which includes features such as: "Sweep at a Glance," "Top 5 Station Grids," "Top Performers" and many others.


In addition to the sweeps analyses, TRAC Media Services collects viewing data on a daily basis from the 56 metered public television markets across the country. The TRAC Overnights are delivered to clients electronically, providing a variety of "real time" reports. These include daily individual program performance summaries and monthly trends for all metered public television stations. Personal phone consultations also are available

TRAC Sweep Summary

In addition to your station’s individual data, the sweep summary contains trend information and averages which stations can use to understand their performance and provide context.

TRAC Scheduling Assistant and Program Strategies Conference Call

Each month your station will receive the TRAC Scheduling Assistant. This document analyses the upcoming PBS schedule, provides projected ratings for planning purposes, and offers scheduling suggestions. The Scheduling Assistant provides the basis for the PTPA's Program Strategies Calls, where programmers discuss the upcoming month’s scheduling issues with professionals from TRAC, in order to share ideas and ensure that decisions are informed by research.

Friday Fax

The Friday Fax is published each week on the internet and provides an in depth look at the week's Public Television audiences. It allows management and station staff to keep up to date with audience developments, highlights the best scheduling strategies of the week, and offers suggestions for improving performance.

Fast Facts

The Fast Fax is a weekly audience analysis geared toward station management. The Fast Fax helps management to understand the week’s ratings for PTV along with competitors, and it highlights the most relevant industry research and trends. The goal is to keep TRAC clients well-informed so they can do a better job of meeting their communities’ needs.

Month in Review

The Month in Review is published each month on the internet. This report tracks trends across the overnight markets and reports on program and series performance, GRP trends across five years, and pledge performance during pledge months. It also presents a research based article to keep station staff informed about trends and questions that other PTV professionals have asked TRAC.