Priced like an acquisition… but a much better value

Britcoms will increase GRPs by 1-3%
  • At best a weekly Britcom will bring a station two to three additional GRPs per week.
  • The average metered station is averaging 80 GRPs per week in prime time and just over 300 GRPs
  • Three additional GRPs for a Britcom translates to a 4% prime-time increase and a 1% whole-week increase.

TRAC clients are out-pacing non-clients by 16%-19%
  • Compared to non-Clients, TRAC metered clients are averaging 13 additional prime time GRPs per week and 46 additional whole week GRPs – much better than three additional GRPs from a Britcom.
  • That’s right - TRAC clients are getting 46 additional GRPs per week. No acquisition can come close to that.
  • Unlike an acquisition, TRAC Service will pay off throughout the schedule and that will translate to membership dollars.

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