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TRAC Underwriting Tools

TRAC Underwriting Tools provide research and marketing support for public television underwriting departments. Unlimited research-based, presentation quality underwriting materials (customized for your PBS station) are available online and on-demand. In addition, the service includes quarterly conference calls to discuss case studies and topical underwriting issues as well as a quarterly newsletter. To get you started, we offer free training on how to use the TRAC Underwriting tools and follow-up technical suport is provided to appropriate staff of subscribing stations.

TRAC Underwriting Tools allow public television stations to compete with commercial stations and cable networks while saving personnel time and effort. Presentation material include information most requested by advertising agencies such as ratings, age/gender, demographic groups, income and education details.

Underwriting tools include Program One Sheets, Genre/Daypart One Sheets, and On Air Proposals. Also available are a number of additional research-based marketing materials highlighting the key selling propositions applicable to all public TV stations.

Sample Reports

image of one sheet  

Program One sheets presents local sweep demo ratings and totals as well as age/gender, income and education graphs for a program.

image of one sheet

Genre/Daypart One sheets are based on a selected genre and daypart, shows stations averaged sweep demographic ratings and total

image of demo ranker

Demo Rankers presents your station’s top rated programs for specified demos within individual sweep periods.

For more information, visit the TRAC Underwriting Tools website or check out the power point presentation.