Services for Television Stations

In today's economy growing audiences and membership revenues are priorities for television stations and they present ongoing challenges in the current economic environment. Identifying successful and efficient strategies is an absolute necessity and that is where TRAC Media Services comes in.

TRAC Media Services helps stations across the country meet audience and revenue goals through sophisticated scheduling, informed pledge practices and by providing tools for underwriting sales teams.

  • Sophisticated scheduling delivers larger audiences. TRAC's Rating Analysis Services will help your programmer increase audience levels. TRAC Programming Services provide schedules to grow your station's audience.
  • Ratings translate to underwriting dollars. TRAC's Online Ratings Tools help your corporate support team pinpoint the underwriter targets. TRAC's Underwriting Tools provide unlimited research and marketing materials which are customized for your PBS station.
  • Informed pledging means more pledges. TRAC's Pledge Programming Service offers pledge schedules that increase dollars. The Pledge Advantage Service provides station staff with well-designed multi-market reports that facilitate improved and timely decision-making.
Services For Programmers   Services For Membership   Services For Underwriters
  • Pledge Advantage
    Pledge Advantage allows stations to adjust their own schedules by comparing their results to data from other markets.
  • Pledge Automator
    The Pledge Automator is a multi-user computer solution that tracks pledge results to make pledge more profitable.
  • Pledge Programming Service
    TRAC Programming Services provide schedules to increase pledge dollars.
  • Ratings Analysis Services
    TRAC Ratings Analysis Services provide ratings to set competitive underwriting rates and help pinpoint underwriter targets.
  • TRAC Underwriting Tools
    Underwriting Tools provide customized presentation-ready One sheets, On Air proposals, and Qualitative Research Reports as well as internal research reports to better understand their clients and competition.

In addition to the above products, TRAC regularly produces custom research ranging from community engagement to underwriting research. Our latest project examined viewer acceptance of digital TV and how PTV can thrive in a digital environment.

TRAC also provides Carriage Service for stations who want to track plays of their productions.