Research and Articles on Pledge

Viewer-Based Virtual Scripting for Boomers

TRAC is conducting a study of pledge scripting using quotes and stories that come directly from baby boomers who have pledged to either rock music or self help programming. A series of discussion groups have been conducted with boomers at stations across the country. The links below will provide the relevant documents:

  Next Gen Discussion Group Story Quotes   Stories grouped by stations and categorized [Bridge to Others; Engaged in Show; Core Values; Finance a Rarity/Quality; Nostalgia; Fundraising Methods/Definitions; Part of Something Bigger; Performer Request; Possess & Give; Suggestions; as well as Talent Needs]
Crossroads Scripts


Messaging to Boomers


How Audiences Behave

  Brains And Pledge  

Information on the area of brains with links to articles listed here as well as recommended readings and key figures.

TRAC's Primer on Viewing and Membership

Who Views and Why, Why People Become Members and People They Lapse.

Good News About the Splintered TV Audience

Current Article on core viewers and audience fragmentation

How People Think

A layman's view of how people actually think and how it applies to pledge

This is The Brain on Pledge Drives

Lapsed Member Study


From 2001 – 2003, TRAC interviewed PTV members throughout the nation to find out reasons for lapsing. The articles presented here outline the findings of the research and offer insights into strategies for retention of members. The research was conducted by TRAC and funded by CPB.

  Connecting the Dots

How to use PTV's core values when communicating with your viewers and members

Is it Something That We've Done?

Deals with attitudes of members and lapsed members toward their stations with a focus on why they lapse

Final Narrative Report

Overview of study activities and summary of findings and recommendations. (word file)

Strategies for Possible Interventions

Review of some areas for possible interventions to retard lapsing by multi-year members. (word file)

Summary of Findings

Summary of findings from depth interviews with PTV current and lapsed members who only renewed by pledge. (word file)

Survey Results Analysis

Results of surveys and interviews of members and former members from 4 ptv stations. (word file)

Membership File Analysis

Lapsed member file analysis through an examination of 10 years worth of data from 8 PTV stations. (word file)